Business Meetings/Seminars

This is a snippit of Spearity's quarterly meeting.  Not everyone could be in attendance so we streamed the meeting so they could still be "in the room".  

Notice the mobility of the cameras.


Small Step Solutions wanted to create a marketing and discussion tool called "Brand Crafted".  The entire show is posted on his site and he uses these segments as inducements for further involvement.

Performance - Theatre

Yes, I recorded my daughter's plays.  This is a scene from Wauwatosa West's Trojan Players production of "Mamma Mia".  Shot live by students, we cleaned it up in post.

Performance - Music

Hawaiian Millionaires at the 2018 Bay View Bash.  Three cameras and a lot of space.


The deceased's parents couldn't attend his funeral so we streamed it so they could still be there.


We sped up this video to protect the client's information yet still give you an idea of what a multi-camera set-up can do for your next conference or meeting.  

Notice the clean PowerPoint insertion.


Looking to increase your internet sales?  This quilting demonstration is designed to do just that.