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Roamin' Studios specializes in multi-camera video production.

Business meetings, seminars, award dinners, corporate outings, facility tours, demonstrations, sports, music, theater, ceremonies,

 if the event is worth the effort and expense of doing, isn't it worth recording and recording well? 

  New technologies allow us to create viewable interesting products at a reasonable rate.

If you've thought about recording your event but the cost was prohibiting you should call us.

Whether live streaming the event to your Facebook friends or recording it to be posted later we make your event look like a TV show.

What kind of event do you want streamed, created and/or recorded?


Our Award-Winning Team

David McCoy, Owner of Roamin' Studios, has 40 years of award winning experience including a National Emmy Credit and a decade with Wisconsin Public Television . 

Video Services


Wireless Multi-Camera Production

Un-tethered and unleashed, cannot be understated.

Not having cables connecting the equipment means faster setup and strike times, (less time = less cost) more mobility (better camera angles = more creativity) , and a safer location (no trip hazards).


Streaming the Multi-Camera Production

Streaming your live or virtual event on Facebook or YouTube is the latest and most effective way to reach your customers, clients, and members.  Our equipment allows us to stream from almost anywhere, from the 4th tee, 

to the parking lot of your facility to inside your office.  

We can create a  strong and reliable signal straight to wherever you need the program to post.


Everything Else in Production

With 40 years of production experience we've done and seen almost everything. Commercials, Industrial, Documentaries, Producing, Directing, Shooting, Editing.  

Whatever your needs are, we can help. 

If we can't help, we know who can.

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